Stucco Mailbox Repairs and Installations

If you have ever had to deal with a mailbox that has been knocked down, then you know how taxing it can be to wait to get your mail! Thankfully, there are ways to avoid dealing with a disabled mailbox. The best option is to choose either a brick mailbox or a stucco mailbox.

Stucco mailboxes are popular in the Texas region not only for their durability, but because they complement the exterior of so many homes. Because stucco mailboxes are affordable for many homeowners, Omega Masonry has installed these great looking stucco mailboxes for many years.

What’s So Special about Stucco Mailboxes?

Stucco mailboxes aren’t anything new, but they have stood the test of time for many years. Because stucco can be applied to concrete, brick, wood and metal frames, stucco mailboxes can be built to your specific needs – be it from matching your home or blending into a fence or gate. Even better, in the event that your stucco mailbox gets damaged, it is easy to repair, so there is no fear of waiting days to begin receiving your mail again.

When you talk to Omega Masonry about a stucco mailbox, you can know that:

  • Our stucco mailboxes are built to our client’s specifications – you can have a style that is unique to you, rather than having a cookie cutter style.
  • Stucco mailboxes can be matched in both architectural style as well as the color of your home.
  • You can have any type of finish or shape to your stucco mailbox that you wish.
  • A stucco mailbox can be either rear opening boxes or traditional box.
  • We will dig and pour the footer needed for installing stucco mailboxes.
  • We are not limited to installing a single mailbox but can build stucco mailboxes design for multiple recipients in a single space, making stucco mailboxes perfect for an office scenario.
  • Like brick mailboxes, stucco mailboxes can have planters as a part of the design.
  • Security boxes can be included in stucco mailboxes; you are also not limited to the standard sized mailbox making them perfect for homes where there are many people receiving mail.
  • In the event that a stucco mailbox is damaged, it is easy to repair them.

Omega Masonry has years of experience in stucco mailboxes! In fact, it is likely that we installed the area’s first rear accessible mailbox! If you have questions regarding stucco mailboxes and how they will work for your location and budget, give us a call today at (214) 473-5858.