Stucco Work & Repair Contractors

Stucco Siding & Repairs For Your Texas Home

There is nothing like the look and feel of a stucco exterior. Whether on a home, mailbox, columns, fences or outdoor kitchens, stucco complements whatever surface it covers.

Low Maintenance – Unlike other exterior siding materials that have to be painted often, or replaced, stucco doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. To keep your stucco exterior looking great, use a fan type sprayer with a mild detergent. In the majority of cases, this is all that is needed to remove any dirt build up.

Sound Barrier – Because stucco is applied in layers, it creates a minor sound barrier that will reduce neighborhood noise.

Fire Resistant – Unlike many exterior siding choices, stucco is not susceptible to fire. This can also mean better rates in your homeowner’s

Insurance – yet another benefit of stucco!

Quick Installation – You can have new look for your home in just a few days, despite the need to apply stucco in several coats. Because of its versatility, stucco can be applied to either wood framing or concrete masonry, making it perfect for any Texas home type.

Color options – You can have your stucco tinted with almost unlimited color options. Unlike other siding or exterior finishing options, you are not stuck to what a certain company offers. You can make those decisions with stucco siding.

Extra Insulation – Composed of lime, cement, and silica, stucco provides extra insulation, thus lowering energy costs.

Cost – At $3 to $5 less per square foot than brick, stucco is a more affordable option for your home’s exterior.
Additional Uses Of Stucco

Walls – Stucco is not only for exterior siding but is also used for interior walls or for creating decorative landscaping elements such as low fences.

Mailboxes – Tired of the mailbox stand getting knocked down or blown over? A stucco base for your mailbox not only adds durability but provides a decorative element that can be designed to complement your home.
Repairing Stucco

While stucco is extremely durable, it does occasionally need repairing. Often, stucco repairs are perfect DIY jobs. Our stucco repair contractors are some of the best in the industry. Whether you like a real smooth look or something more textured, we can give you the look and feel you’ve always desired.

When it comes to major cracks, fissures, or chips, it is best to call an Omega Masonry professional.
With so many benefits, stucco is a practical and popular choice in neighborhoods all around the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas region. If you would like to learn more about using stucco siding on your home, contact the Omega Masonry team at (214) 473-5858 and schedule an appointment. We would love to meet you and help you learn how having stucco exterior can improve your home.