Professional Outdoor Grills & BBQ Pit Installation

Omega can help you transform your outdoor cooking area with our professional outdoor BBQ grill installation services. Today, many homeowners are reclaiming their backyard by having outdoor kitchens built. These kitchens often rival the indoor ones and have many more possibilities, too. While these kitchens have many elements, the most common element is the outdoor grill.

As with most outdoor features, outdoor grills and kitchens will increase your home’s resale value, provide more space for entertaining, extend the living space for your home, and make cooking easier. Outdoor grills and BBQs are the most incredible aspect of the new entertaining and cooking space, so you want to be sure to select one that meets your needs and your cooking area. There are several types of outdoor grills so you are sure to find something that meets your needs and your budget.

Types of Outdoor Grills & BBQs

Gas Grills – This is perhaps the most commonly chosen of outdoor grills. It can run on either propane or natural gas, so it can be connected to an existing home gas line. They are great when you are cooking for large groups as they will cook foods more quickly. Gas outdoor grills come in black or aluminum and have up to five burners – depending on how much you want to spend.

Charcoal Grills – This style of outdoor grill uses charcoal briquettes for fuel. It takes longer to cook with a charcoal grill, but many people prefer the flavor of foods cooked on charcoal outdoor grills. You might also choose to go with a kettle grill if looking for more of a smoky flavor, or if you are interested in being able to smoke large pieces of meat such as brisket, then consider a horizontal barrel grill.

As part of the outdoor grill selection process, you will also want to give some thought to the type of grilling surface. The basic types are porcelain covered steel bars, bent stainless steel sheets, iron grates and stainless steel bars. The porcelain grate will cost more but last longer; the stainless steel cost less, are easy to maintain but have a shorter lifespan; cast iron is easy to maintain, and will give great looking grill marks, and the stainless steel grill bars can lose some of its non-stick-ability and can get chipped, but it will last for a long time.

Today’s outdoor grills also have other features that take cooking outside beyond the grill top. These features include convection ovens, warming burners, cooking basket skewers, rotisserie attachment, under-drawer storage, steam cleaner or sprayer accessories, and built-in sound systems. Thanks to these advancements in outdoor grills, many people are discovering that their outdoor kitchens are even more efficient than their home kitchens.

Of course what you grill sits in ads to the overall aesthetics of your outdoor grill. Outdoor grills and BBQs can be encased in brick, stone, stone veneer, stucco and other masonry options. Outdoor grills and kitchens are the perfect way to bring the indoors outside and make your home the place for all the neighborhood and family gatherings. If you have questions about having an outdoor grill installed in your new, or perhaps existing, outdoor kitchen, talk to one of the experts at Omega Masonry. We can help you decide what style of the outdoor grill or BBQ pit will best work for your space.