Stone Masonry Contractors

Stone masonry is one of the oldest and most versatile choices in home construction, and a favorite choice in Plano, Texas. It is the original sustainable material as its composition is clay, sand, limestone and gravel, all products of which there is an unending supply. At Omega Masonry based in North Texas, we are especially pleased with the many advantages and uses of stonework and brick masonry. Because of its versatility, stone masonry is used for mailboxes, patios, walkways, fireplaces and many other structural elements. And, when it comes to the benefits of stone masonry, there are many.

Benefits of Stone Masonry

If you are undecided about choosing stone masonry for your Texas home or office, consider the following:

Durability – Stone masonry will outlast alternate building products such as wood, vinyl siding or other products. Should a vehicle or other item crash into it, the stone masonry will still be intact or only moderately damaged, while the secondary items will have significant damage. Consequently, it is the perfect choice for building a permanent structure.

Thermal Mass – Stone masonry retains heat or cold and then releases it over time. In fact, studies have found that homes and buildings with stone masonry have energy bills that are as much as 30% lower than those without stone masonry.

Non-combustible – You will never see a home built from stone masonry burnt to the ground. Yes, the non-masonry elements may be damaged or destroyed, but the stone will still be there!

Mold Resistant – Because stone masonry resists the penetration water, there is no fear of mold growing in its crevices. Consequently, indoor air quality is better and cleaner.

Pest Free – Homes built from stone masonry do not appeal to pests such as termites, ants and others that use wood or vinyl as a food source.

Low Maintenance – Stone masonry and brick work are easy to care for. You can simply spray it down or brush it off.

Versatile – Stone masonry can often be tinted or even textured to reflect your style or architectural design

Using Stone Masonry to Beautify Your Home

The many benefits of stone masonry make it a perfect choice for not only your home’s exterior but for many other design features. You may choose to use stone masonry for a unique bathroom or kitchen countertop, as a decorative encasement for your mailbox, to create a permanent property border, or a variety of other structural designs such as patios or outdoor kitchens.

Should you be planning a new home build, or considering a home renovation, and have more questions about the advantages in choosing stone masonry, contact us at (214) 473-5858 or fill out the form on our contact page.