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Landscape Stone borders and Edging Borders

Having a beautiful stone landscape border is not only pleasing as a homeowner but very welcoming to our guests. In addition, an aesthetically pleasing landscape can also stand you well if you have plans to sell your home at a later date. There are many ways to approach landscaping design, but perhaps one of the most durable and delightful options is that of pairing your plant choices with a stone landscape border.

If you are looking for something to tie your yard’s overall aesthetic together, a stone landscape border will do this while also adding an element of personal taste to your yard. Maybe you are looking for a way to separate your home’s exterior from the uniformity of your street. Stone landscape borders can take on many designs and compliment nearly any Texas architectural style, which makes them the perfect way to personalize your landscaping. They have long been used to give your home’s landscaping a simple elegance that requires minimal to no maintenance, yet easily adds value to your home. Stone landscape borders can be made from a variety of stones so you can have a design that reflects you.

Stone Landscape Borders for Your Texas Property

When it comes to having a stone landscape border built, there are several things to keep in mind. For instance, what type of material would you like? You can choose from brick edges, pavers, stones or concrete edging pavers and a wide range of colors and sizes.

Stone landscape borders are a practical choice for many homeowners as it is perfect for the person who wants a great looking landscape without a long installation process. This is because once the location of the stone landscape border is chosen, it is typically installed in a matter of days. And, because of its versatility, it can be designed to work with straight edges, curves, high ledges or shorter sides.

Stone landscape borders are not always used as mere indicators of where a property line may be – though that is certainly a beautiful choice with which to use it. Stone landscape borders are also perfect for edging a driveway or perhaps a flower garden. It works with nearly every architectural style and provides an upscale sophistication that other edging items cannot surpass.

For many homeowners, the choice to use stone landscaping borders has much to do with the eco-friendly element. Rather than using steel or plastic borders, opting for stone means using an environmentally friendly product that can be designed to blend in with your landscape rather than stand out unnaturally.

The Omega Masonry team will take time to meet with you to discuss what type of stone border will work for your needs and budget. We will be able to assess your location and determine how to implement your plan based on the location of the stone landscape borders you desire. Give us a call at 214-997-4628 to get started on your plans for a stone landscape border.