Elements of Design: Stone, Stucco and Brick Landscape

The Texas scenery can vary from place to place and as you roam from neighborhood to neighborhood. You will find stately buildings, sprawling landscapes, stucco homes and gorgeous brickwork all blended together to create a personality all its own. You can choose to embrace the norm for your neighborhood, or create a landscape that blends beautifully with your style and home’s design. This personal touch is often displayed by installing a landscape that [...]

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Is Your Masonry Foundation Solid?

Your home’s foundation is important factor in how long it will last. Having a weak or damaged masonry foundation typically means that your home will become uneven or develop other problems within its various systems. Damage to your home’s masonry foundation can be caused by excessive moisture, as well as by significant drought and should be addressed as soon as possible. There is a variety of ways that a weakened or bad foundation [...]

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Watching Out for Potential Masonry Repairs in Texas

Your home is your retreat from dealing with the stressors of the workday. As such, you need it to be a safe haven. Unfortunately, that is not always the case – especially if your home is in need of repairs. In the Texas area a common architectural need is masonry repairs. No one likes to think about needing structural repairs to their home, but they are often part of home ownership. However, by [...]

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Stucco Repairs for Your Texas Location

In areas such as Texas it is not unusual to see neighborhoods with a number of stucco homes, retaining walls and other elements. This is due to stucco being a great way to make a home more energy efficient, are resistant (though not impervious) to mold, mildew and fire, minimizes outside sound, is virtually maintenance free, and ensure that your home will last for many decades to come. However, just because stucco homes [...]

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Benefits of Using Concrete for Your Next Architectural Project

Residential concrete is nothing new – it has been used for centuries and by nearly every culture. As such, it is no surprise that it is still in use today, and a common part of the Texas landscape. From stately residences to downtown businesses, concrete is a great choice for your architectural needs and one that any building project planner should consider. 6 Benefits of Using Concrete for Your Texas Building Project There [...]

What is Cast Stone?

If you are looking for a way to add a unique or custom element to the architecture of your Texas home, then it is time you checked out the practicality and durability of cast stone. This product has been around for centuries and offers a plethora of uses for both homes and business in Texas. In Texas, cast stone is ideal for nearly any type of construction as it is a highly versatile [...]

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5 Aspects of a Brick Home Inspection

Whether you decide to buy a home or are considering selling your home, then a home inspection is certain to be a part of your future. And while many people think of a brick house as virtually indestructible, there are still things that can happen to hurt its structural integrity. Consequently, if you are a prospective buyer or seller of a brick house, having a home inspection is a must. As you venture [...]

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How to Know If Your Masonry Needs Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing, sometimes referred to as repointing, is the process of repairing the mortar joints in stone or brick masonry walls by grinding or raking out old mortar then filling in the space with new mortar. In Texas –as well as surrounding areas- tuckpointing is often needed to update older homes or in situations where significant water damage has caused deterioration. It can be a labor-intensive job, so should not be approached by the [...]


Buyer Seller Brick Inspections

Whether you are a first time homeowner or buying or selling a home, you are undoubtedly familiar with the need for a home inspection. Omega Masonry has a special team of field agents who understand your realtor’s need for verification about the soundness of load-bearing brick walls, the strength of a stone or brick retaining wall, chimney integrity, fireplace functionality, and the reliability of a home’s decorative elements. You can count on Omega [...]

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Types of Chimney Repairs in Texas

While not every home or business location in the Texas area is built out of brick, many of them do have brick chimneys or fireplaces. And while these decorative, yet functional design elements might not require a large amount of yearly maintenance, they are not design elements that should be ignored. In fact, if chimney maintenance is overlooked, you will eventually find yourself dealing with sometimes rather extensive chimney repairs such as loose [...]

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