Why Should You Hire A Stone Masonry Contractor?

When building or renovating your property, there are many construction methods and styles to consider. This means that the contractor you hire will have a large impact on the outcome. Most people assume that there are only two types of contractors: residential and commercial. But actually, there are different skills and expertise within [...]

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When Do You Need Stone Masonry Repair?

While stone houses tend to be sturdy and long-standing, there are many natural factors that can damage it. From erosion, frost heave to gradual deterioration, all these can lead to major issues if not addressed, which is why it is important to get a professional to repair the damage. Consequently, the most common [...]

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What Is Stone Masonry?

Stonemasons are craftsmen who work with stones to create homes, buildings and structures. They know how to manipulate, shape, polish and carve the stones into a specific design. This also includes stone features like the installation of retaining walls, chimneys, and patios. A stone masonry contractor is able to handle natural and manufactured [...]

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How to find a good Stone Masonry Contractor

One of the first challenges you will encounter when building or renovating your home or property is finding a good contractor. It is not just about hiring an experienced contractor, but it is also about finding the right fit for you. This is especially true when it comes to stone masonry contractors because [...]

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