Types of Concrete Repair

When calling for concrete repair, it is best to have an idea of what you are getting into. For example, there are many different kinds of concrete repair. Each type is best used in relation with a certain type of damage. Slab Jacking Sometimes a poor subbase or soil erosion can cause your driveway to sink in multiple areas. Slab Jacking is a way to bring the surface back up. It uses a [...]

Signs You Might Need Brick Wall Repair

When you see the exterior of your home every single day, it is hard to notice the little changes. This makes it challenging to keep the exterior of your home safe from damaged brick. Look out for the signs you might need brick wall repair If your brick is creeping up in age or if you have noticed any damage. Do You Need to Brick Wall Repair? If you have noticed a bowed [...]

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How to Tell if Brick Wall Repair is in Order

No building, no matter its construction material, is immune to the effects of time and weather. Exterior brick walls are just as susceptible to damage despite their sturdy construction and should be examined for visible signs of damage routinely. Brick wall repair can be preventative or curative, depending on what stage in which your masonry contractor is called to the scene. Not all signs of brick wall damage appear concerning, even when they [...]

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A Brick Wall Mason Explains Brick Damage Patterns

A brick wall is of rather rigid construction, meaning that as the foundation it resides on shifts and moves over time, it can become cracked or otherwise damaged. This can be true of any constructed brick wall, even ones erected by the most masterful brick wall mason. Unfortunately, time has a way of affecting all things, and brick walls are not excluded from that fact. There are numerous factors that come into play, [...]

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Brick Wall Mason

Brick walls, while sturdy and time-tested for durability, can be affected by the ravages of nature as much as anything else. Water, like from rainfall, is one of the leading causes of brick walls falling into disrepair. Crumbling or missing bricks as well as cracks can cause some severe structural damage to any brick wall. These problems need to be addressed promptly, which is where is a brick wall mason comes in to [...]

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Brick Wall Repair Mason

If you are interested in the services of our brick wall repair mason, you might be interested in the materials our masons can use. Our brick wall masons will work with you to find out what materials will best fit your home. Whether it be aesthetics, environment, or personal preference, our brick masons will take all of the factors important to your family into consideration when assessing your home and recommend a brick [...]

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Brick Wall Mason: Installing a Brick Veneer

Brick veneers are a very aesthetic form of brick wall masonry. They also provide a good level of protection against fire. If you are interested in installing a brick veneer for the exterior of your home, our brick wall mason can help you take on this project. There are many tools the brick wall masons have that you probably do not have in your home. The process begins when the brick mason visits the [...]

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Why Should You Opt for a Brick Retaining Wall?

To enhance your Texas landscape there are many actions you may take. These may include adding assorted flower gardens, a masonry mailbox, an outdoor kitchen or perhaps a masonry retaining wall designed to complement your home. Each of these elements will add beauty and value to your home, so there is really no “wrong” choice. However, if you have a yard where erosion is a problem, or perhaps you want to create an [...]

Screen Wall Repairs – Masonry in Texas

DEALING WITH SCREEN WALL REPAIRS Mishap and inattentiveness cause most screen wall issues. For one thing, screen walls are inspected far less often than the brick walls around our homes. Nonetheless, privacy walls are constantly bombarded by geophysical elements such as soil erosion, pooling water, freeze/thaw conditions and other weather events. For that reason, like our homes, they should be examined on a yearly basis. If your examination shows that you need screen [...]

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Can a Brick Screen Wall Benefit Your HOA Property?

No matter how much you may like your neighbors, there are times when you might prefer a bit more privacy than a low wall, or fence provides. It is then that having a brick screen wall will be a huge asset. And, for many Texas homeowners in an HOA, the brick screen wall is not just an ideal solution for privacy, but also meets the aesthetic requirements for the property. Making the brick [...]

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